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Newfoundland and Labrador’s offshore spans 1.8 million square kilometres with our oil reserves emerging as some of the most carbon competitive in the world.

To enhance our province’s oil and gas potential, the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador established the Oil and Gas Corporation of Newfoundland and Labrador (OilCo) from our legacy company Nalcor Energy-Oil and Gas.

OilCo leads offshore oil and gas activities in our province and is responsible for all exploration pursuits, management of existing offshore assets, along with future investment in offshore developments.

Our team of explorers is driven by their passion for their profession but just as equally by their passion for our province.


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Take a deep dive with Insight

The North Atlantic is a big place; we are making it a lot smaller.

We share our geoscience knowledge with the global oil and gas industry.

OilCo takes a systematic and scientific approach to evaluate Newfoundland and Labrador’s frontier basins. Through Insight,  information from multiple sources, studies, and reports is united on an interactive map enabling users to display, filter, and analyze a vast array of data and information in one location.

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line km of new 2D multi-client data
million km2 of
metocean analysis
km2 of new 3D multi-client data
of NL’s offshore basin
captured by resource assessments
leads mapped & new basin areasdefined by seismic work
of offshore wells analyzed

We maximize the value of NL’s resources at all stages of exploration, development and production.

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Our Commitment.

OilCo is committed to providing investment-grade science and thoughtful leadership and guidance that supports the creation of long-term value and wealth. As a result of this commitment, our dedicated team has enhanced understanding of the offshore resources and landed exploration investments.


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