We are driven by our passion for the industry and the people of our province. 

Our team of 20 people has extensive experience in engineering, science, investment attraction, and business aspects of oil and gas and has a deep understanding of offshore Newfoundland and Labrador’s reservoir characteristics and geology.

We know the industry.

We have deep global industry knowledge and vast perspectives gained from working across multiple corporations and countries. We know the industry because we have worked in the upstream sector and the supply chain across North and South America, the Middle East, and other areas now competing with Newfoundland and Labrador for capital investment.

The exploration team has cataloged its work and results, publishing more than 70 papers on Newfoundland and Labrador geoscience since 2010. To view papers and abstracts completed by our expert exploration team, click the Abstracts link below.

Our exploration team has also been recognized with two top 30 papers at the 2016 SEG Conference for the discovery and early evaluation of the West Orphan Play Trend.