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Bull Arm Site welcomes its latest tenant

By June 3, 2022News

The Bull Arm Fabrication Site welcomes our newest tenant – Kelson & Kelson Ltd.

The ink is dry on our lease with Kelson & Kelson and we’re excited as they get ready to move into the 2,600 m2 Blast and Paint building at the Bull Arm Fabrication (BAF) Site. Kelson & Kelson will be on Site through to fall 2022.

The lease will allow Kelson & Kelson to conduct blasting and painting of steel components to support the work they are undertaking in the province. Kelson & Kelson will complete surface preparation and coatings on structural steel and application of fireproofing for the upgrade at Braya Renewable Fuels Come by Chance Refinery Site.

This latest leasing arrangement at the BAF Site will see occupancy of the Blast and Paint building along with some upgrades to the building.

Interested in what the BAF Site has to offer? Our premier industrial fabrication site in NL provides lease-based access for multiple users. BAF leases all or portions of the Site to industrial tenants while managing core Site operations on behalf of our tenants.

We have room for your next project! Check out the Bull Arm section of our website to learn more.