There are virtually no limits to what you can achieve at Bull Arm Fabrication (BAF), Atlantic Canada’s largest industrial fabrication site.

Located in Canada’s most easterly province, Newfoundland and Labrador (NL), BAF’s prime geographic location is in close proximity to international shipping lanes and growing oil and gas developments in the North Atlantic. There is unobstructed, deepwater access to the Atlantic Ocean and it’s also closer to Europe than any comparable facility in North America.

When we say make it big, we mean it. BAF spans over 6,300 acres with three key project areas: Marine Facility; Fabrication Yard; Deepwater Site, as well as Ancillary Facilities. In total there are over 23,000m2 of enclosed fabrication facilities and more than 500m of wharfage. The site has played a significant role in developing the province’s oil and gas industry, including construction of major portions of both ExxonMobil’s Hibernia and Hebron Offshore Oil Projects.

The site’s magnitude, diversity of infrastructure and strategic location offer a unique opportunity for steel fabrication, concrete construction, integration and commissioning. Supply servicing, major industrial fabrication and manufacturing can also be performed from start to finish at BAF which has the advantage of international access by sea, road and air.

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