Leasing information for potential users

Your big opportunity at BAF awaits.

Supporting the growth of our provincial oil and industrial sectors is vital to ensuring that we use the BAF Site to its full potential.

Through the adoption of open and transparent site use terms, reliable and up-to-date infrastructure, and, a reputation for safety and environmental stewardship, we offer the most viable and competitive fabrication centre in Atlantic Canada.

The BAF Site is a multi-industry, common user facility. The Site has been used by industry on a project-by-project basis with companies using their own workforce and management who are accountable for their project execution.

BAF leases all or portions of the Site to industrial tenants for the execution of their project or work, while managing core Site operations (water and sewer, security, snow clearing, etc.) on behalf of our tenants.

Spanning over 25km2 with more than 260,000m2 of developed industrial space, the BAF Site has three key project areas: Marine Facility, Fabrication Yard, Deepwater Site, as well as Ancillary Facilities.

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Interested in what the BAF Site has to offer?

Potential uses may be project-based, but also operational and longer-term, involving single or multiple users.

To make use of all or part of the BAF Site, interested users should review the information about the Site on our website and contact us to discuss your Site use request. We will discuss Site availability and provide initial commercial terms prior to formalizing a lease agreement with tenants.

If a potential user is unsure as to what assets might be needed, we will provide Site tours and technical information upon request.

Review the following information to determine if the BAF Site is right for your next project.

To learn more and to inquire about using the BAF Site, please contact Jonathan Drummond at:

t. 709 737-1398
e. jdrummond@oilconl.com