The BAF Site was constructed in the 1990s to fabricate the Hibernia Offshore Oil Project. Since then, thousands of hard-working Newfoundlanders and Labradorians have played a significant role in the construction of four offshore projects at the Site, including mega-projects like Hibernia and Hebron or readying drill rigs for exploration.

The Site is Atlantic Canada’s largest fabrication yard with a history of supporting oil and gas opportunities. Through 2020/21, the 140,000 m2 marine facility has been utilized for the stacking of offshore assets; the Terra Nova FPSO is currently stored quayside, and the mobile offshore drilling units West Aquarius and Henry Goodrich were stacked at the BAF Site.

Here are some of the amazing projects completed at the Bull Arm site over the years:

Hibernia 1990-1998

At 550,000-tonnes, the Hibernia GBS is Canada’s largest offshore oil platform. With a peak workforce on site during construction of approximately 5,800, the Gravity Base and Wellhead Module along with the flareboom, helideck, and main and auxiliary lifeboat stations were built at the BAF Site. Final assembly and hook-up also took place on site.

Terra Nova 1998-2001

One of the largest Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) vessels ever built, the Terra Nova FPSO is approximately the length of three football fields and stands more than 18 stories high. The BAF Site was the home of this 5,800-tonne steel fabrication project which employed a peak workforce of approximately 1,600 during construction.

Henry Goodrich Refit 2005

The offshore drill rig, Henry Goodrich, is a semi-submersible rig rated for 152 m of water depth and a drilling depth of almost 9 km. A refit was completed at the BAF Site that included architectural, piping, hydraulic and mechanical personnel, and equipment.

Hebron 2011-2017

The BAF Site was the primary construction site for the Hebron Project. Construction of the GBS, fabrication of the Living Quarters, and integration of the Hebron Platform were performed on site before being towed offshore. Over 132,000 m3 of concrete were produced and poured for its construction. Peak workforce on site reached approximately 4,300.


Lease agreements with DF Barnes have enabled the BAF Site to support different aspects of drill rig work. The most recent lease allows Seadrill’s West Aquarius to come back to Site and join the Henry Goodrich. The rigs are moored at the Drydock and Topsides. This is the second time the Site will house two rigs simultaneously.

DF Barnes in partnership with their client, Transocean, recently invested in the construction of additional mooring points which has increased the Site’s berthage capacity. This strategic investment has enhanced the Site’s ability to service offshore drill rigs into the future.