Pore Pressure Analysis of offshore Newfoundland and Labrador

This study by Ikon GeoPressure examines and interprets pressure and related data from all data-rich wells drilled on the Labrador Shelf.

The regional pore pressure study consists of a comprehensive regional pressure analysis of offshore Newfoundland and Labrador. The study area spans from the northern tip of Labrador to the Flemish Pass basin and includes all basins in the area of interest including the Saglek, Hopedale, Chidley, Hawke, and Orphan as well as the slope and deepwater equivalents. This study offers a definitive and comprehensive analysis of the region to provide enhanced confidence in the understanding of risk and pressure distribution to interested parties. A key component of this study is the integration of analogues from other global basins, involving both shelf and deepwater wells, where Ikon GeoPressure has produced regional studies.

A geological approach to pressure analysis used existing well control, located in present-day shallow water (and likely ‘shelf’ geology), to inform and guide the development of deepwater prediction of pressure. The pressure study covers multiple aspects of pressure-related geology, hydrodynamic and risk analysis. Techniques used focus on developing a geologically driven pressure model by making use of analog data comparisons, using worldwide basin experience and local knowledge of the Labrador, Greenland, and Grand Banks areas.