Rock Physics

In 2014 we partnered with Ikon Science on a regional rock physics study. The purpose was to better understand lithologic properties and corresponding seismic amplitude (AVO) anomalies within the Orphan basin, Flemish Pass, and along the Labrador Margin.

The study establishes regional rock physics relationships and depth trends for use in pre-stack data analysis and provides the tools required to do meaningful AVO screening and analysis of leads and prospects in an area of limited well control. It also details the data, conditioning, and process used for the regional study, moves through derivations of models and trends, and subsequently applies the trends to three leads within the study area.

ikonlogo The lead analysis section uses the established trends to quantify expected reservoir conditions and end member cases. It is important to note that this report provides the tools required to delve into a more detailed analysis of prospects by investigating alternative scenarios. When making use of the report, consideration must be given to local deviations from the established regional trends to ensure that the models capture local geological complexities that honor the data.