OilCo Authored & Co-authored Publications

OilCo is an energy company with strategic investments for oil and gas exploration offshore Newfoundland and Labrador. Thanks to collaboration with TGS and PGS since 2011, our seismic acquisition program allows an increasing coverage of the offshore area from southern Newfoundland, the Flemish Pass to Labrador. The majority of the seismic datasets acquired so far are 2D lines with variable lateral spacing, as well three 3D’s to data. In working towards increasing our understanding of the offshore exploration potential in our region, new work continues in advancing the stratigraphic and structural architecture as it relates to new data acquisition and new drilling results. Ongoing work and assessments continue in areas of eastern Newfoundland, Labrador and the southern and southeastern Newfoundland regions offshore. We have been cataloging these results in papers and publications since 2010, and will continue to do so, as papers/abstracts are completed by our expert technical team.