2015 Eastern Newfoundland Region NL01-EN

Located 475 kilometres east of St. John’s, the 2015 license round covered the 11 Parcels of the NL01-EN sector. The sector was positioned in the central east portion of the Eastern Newfoundland Region and covered an area of 23,600 square kilometres. Water depths range from 500 metres on the slope to 3,300 metres in the eastern-most deep water region of the sector.

Multiple vintages of seismic data exist over this region of the Flemish Pass Basin, with recent 2D acquisitions available as multiclient data. The nearest offset wells to this sector are Bonanza M-71, Margaree A-49, Lona O-55, Mizzen F-09, Mizzen O-16, Mizzen L-11, Harpoon O-85, Bay du Nord C-78, Bay du Nord C-78z, Bay du Nord L-76, Bay du Nord L-76z, Bay de Verde F-67, Bay de Verde F-67z, Bay d’Espoir B-09, Tuckamore B-27, Gabriel C-60, Lancaster G-70, Baccalieu I-78, and the most recent well drilled Cupids A-33.

A publicly released Resource Assessment for the region was released on October 1, 2015.

The CNLOPB released the results for the 2015 License Round on November 12, 2015.