Nalcor Multiclient Data Investments

Nalcor is committed to investing in new multiclient geoscience data to unlock the next areas of offshore Newfoundland and Labrador that may contain material prospectivity, ultimately delivering new resources for the benefit of the people of the province. There are several such investments over the 2019 License Round, each of which is highlighted below.

2D Seismic Data

Since 2011, Nalcor, in partnership with TGS and Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS), have been carrying out one of the most comprehensive geoscience programs in the world. Over the Labrador South region a comprehensive grid of multiclient long-offset broadband 2D data has been collected. This data is available for license from our partner TGS.

Seabed Coring Geochemistry Project

MG3 (Survey) UK Limited and Amplified Geochemical Imaging, LLC, with investment by Nalcor Energy, completed the first phase of a multiclient seabed coring and slicks study in 2016. Approximately 100 sea floor coring samples, 14 heat flow data points, select multi-beam bathymetry transects and 36 surface slick samples have been acquired over the 2016 License Round area. For a detailed overview of the study please click here. This data is available for Licensing through our partners AGI and MG3.

Satellite Seep Survey

In late 2010, partnered with Airbus – Defense and Space, Nalcor undertook a regional oil seep mapping and interpretation study. The satellite data acquired during this survey has imaged areas of potential natural seepage in various basins and highlighted potential new regions for oil exploration. Nalcor is continuing its partnership with Airbus – Defense and Space and is focusing its efforts on areas covered in the upcoming license rounds. The satellite seeps survey is a multiclient survey and is available to industry from Airbus – Defense and Space.